Actress / Actor / Talent

Actress / actor / talent
rookie audition

Recruitment from time to time

We are waiting for applications from men and women between the ages of 10 and 23 who are even a little interested in the entertainment world.
We also welcome the recommendation of star candidates who are close to us.
You will not know if you pass or fail until you apply. Let’s watch together how the people you recommend grow and grow into stars.

  • Men and women between the ages of 10 and 23
  • People who aim to be actors and talents
  • People who live in Japan, regardless of nationality.
  • Minors need parental consent

Selection flow

The materials collected through introductions, scouts, and applications will be screened for the primary documents to determine who has passed the secondary screening. In the second screening, additional materials will be reviewed. At the time of the third screening (interview), minors are required to come to the company with their parents. After the third screening, the final screening will determine the pass or fail of the affiliation.
The selection process is as follows.

The first screening will take about a month from the arrival of the documents (the deadline for planning auditions), and only successful applicants will be notified. If you do not contact us for up to two months from the date of application, you will be rejected.
Please refrain from making inquiries by phone as only successful applicants will be notified of the results of the first screening.

First screening

Document review

Second screening

Examination of additional materials (video / photo)

Third screening

Interview / camera test

Final examination

Successful applicant final selection meeting


Lessons start for debut

❅ The “additional materials” for the second screening will be the photos and videos you want.

❅We will not return the documents and materials you sent.

❅We do not accept pass / fail inquiries.

❅Please refrain from responding even if you bring the materials directly.

Precautions when applying

About application photos

  • There are two application photos, a “face photo” and a “whole body photo” taken within the last three months.
  • Please attach an image taken with a digital camera or smartphone, or a scanned image.
  • Photos are very important for judging. Please refrain from out-of-focus photos and group photos as it is difficult to judge.
  • Please make sure to use no make-up or natural make-up for your face photo.
  • Please refrain from using photo booth images or images processed with apps.
  • Please avoid wearing long sleeves, long skirts, dub pants, etc. that make it difficult to determine the balance of the whole body.


  • If the content is incomplete or perjury, it may be invalidated.
  • We do not respond to inquiries regarding the screening status or selection results after application.
  • We do not accept demo tapes, etc., or direct interviews.
  • There are no audition participation fees or selection fees.
  • Personal information received at the time of examination will not be used for any purpose other than selection. Please see here for the handling of personal information.
  • The recommender must obtain the consent of the recommender.
  •  A parental consent form is required to apply for minors. If you apply for documents by mail, please fill in the consent signature of the guardian and send it.
    In addition, those who apply online cannot confirm the consent signature of their parents at the time of examination. Those who have passed the first screening by online application will be asked
    to send additional materials in the second screening, so please enclose the consent signature of the guardian at that time.

❅ Please be aware of the above precautions before applying. We may not be responsible for any troubles.

Apply online

Please fill in the required items from the application form and apply.
The file size of each application photo should be 1MB or less (2MB or less for 2 photos).